Additional Premium Features

Please note: New user-based licenses of ThinPrint version 10 will be available in two different versions – a regular ThinPrint User License and a ThinPrint Premium User License, which covers all of the features and components listed here.

With the management center for complex print landscapes, the IT department manages local printers, network printers, and branch offices in no time and at any time can react immediately to changes in the print environment. Printers are automatically and simultaneously set up on all print servers; even remote print servers can be managed conveniently regardless of location.

The Host Integration Service provides dynamic delivery of host print jobs and enables batch printing or the transmission of SAP print jobs via RDP and ICA/HDX.

This ThinPrint component establishes a secure print tunnel from the client side and allows, for example, stable TCP/IP printing even in masked networks. Companies can do away with expensive leased lines in branch offices and lower costs that way. Connected Gateway is also excellent for installation in the DMZ.

The Tracking Service including Reporting gives companies a complete overview of their printers, the printing expenses of individual departments, and the printing behavior of the employees, such as the percentage of duplex or black-and-white printing. This makes the Tracking Service an ideal tool for discovering potential ways to save money and optimized the company-wide printer landscape.

The Microsoft Cluster support guarantees high reliability.