Reseller View

In Reseller View you can get an overview of all the licenses that you have sold.

The licenses are assigned here to the corresponding end user. This view serves mainly to provide information. You can’t activate licenses here. For the sake of data security, customer registration and activation keys are not shown in this view. Support requests for your clients can only be made, if a valid backup support contract has been completed, that authorises you to request support on behalf of your clients.

If you wish to activate your own licenses (for your own business), or request support for your own licenses, please use the Customer View.

If you have any questions regarding your licenses, or if licenses are not listed, please contact our activation team.

In this view, you have the possibility of requesting non-binding offers to extend the duration (Service Runtime) of the support and update services for your customers’ licenses. In doing so, make sure to first select the correct customer. Then click on the appropriate button. You can find a full description of the buttons Send a support request, Request a non-binding service offer and Apply filter here ».